A Healthier Environment Cultural Studies Essay.

A Healthier Environment Cultural Studies Essay.


Between 1900 and 1939 North American metropoliss had begun determining into new urban signifiers with the convergence of of import new traditions and improved methods of urban planning. “ The City ” is a movie that explores the growing of the industrial revolution while foregrounding how urban planning can supply diverse organisational methods towards better life. Throughout the movie, I have analyzed many word pictures of hapless public wellness that can be traced from all phases of urban development. Urban planning and the growing of residential communities present a series of solutions towards the mistakes in North American urbanisation. In my paper I will analyze three different periods of urbanisation and how each period has experienced greater public wellness benefits given the growing in planning. I will concentrate most entirely on the facet of kids ‘s wellness as they appear to be the most affected by the deficiency of urban planning. Looking at the wellness deductions, I will foremost analyze the industrial town, secondly examine the city and thirdly present the benefits of the ideal ‘garden metropolis ‘ . The garden metropolis presents a premier illustration of the proper urban planning rules towards reconstructing the wellness of the environment that besides hand in glove maintains urban growing while still valuing public wellness.A Healthier Environment Cultural Studies Essay.


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‘The City ‘ was commissioned in 1939 by the American Institute of Planners which focused on the chief historical stages and societal effects of metropolitan life ( Gillette, 1977 ) . The movie was slackly based on Lewis Mumford ‘s 1938 work entitled “ The Culture of Cities ” , whereby Mumford besides provides the narrative screenplay throughout the movie ( Gillette, 1977 ) . The early contemplations of rural versus urban life sheds light to the urban planning visions of the suburbs, which incorporate the best of both urban and rural universes. The movie depicts the issues of the industrial town and metropolis metropolis, reasoning with the ideal vision of the garden metropolis, which sees the Restoration of a healthy life environment.A Healthier Environment Cultural Studies Essay.


The movie ‘s version of the industrial town gives several historically relevant shows of the rough life conditions whereby machines dominated the landscape, bring forthing an ineluctable toxic fume. Before industrialisation, the household signified a supportive societal unit, nevertheless under the procedures of industrialisation the household bit by bit becomes less of import ( Cowan, 1976, p.2 ) . From the movie we see kids who roam free without any supervising, as their parents are occupied with their domestic work and long-hour occupations in the “ smoke stack ” industries, doing household safety a last precedence. In Figure 1 ( Steiner, 1939 ) the movie shows kids running onto the nearby railway paths with a train coming through merely as they are traversing. With no concern for public wellness, the industrial town is an unplanned, destitute, insecure, and polluted landscape. In Figure 2 ( Steiner, 1939 ) we can see that the rise of the industrialism brings heavier production methods with fume and fire causation toxic gases to ooze through public abodes. Workers were required to populate in close propinquity to their occupations, where populating conditions and air quality were negatively affected by the industries adjacent to the working-class suburbs. The movie presents shootings of these suburbs, which are overcrowded by ill built places, soiled smog environments and uneven roads. To me, these scenes provide grounds that urban planning is a necessity in order to decently form the landscape into a healthier environment.A Healthier Environment Cultural Studies Essay.

As the movie progresses through the early twentieth century, the Metropolis sees a important infrastructural alteration, nevertheless many issues of public wellness concern remain relevant. In this portion of the movie, the version of the “ imperium metropolis ” commences the following chapter of urban be aftering whereby modern metropoliss are overpopulated, speedy paced and bounded by skyscrapers. The growing in instruction, proficient expertness and managerialism began to replace working category occupations while offering more attractive benefits, which become in high demand. Crowded streets coupled with high volumes of traffic reflect the mistakes in planning towards the public wellbeing of the metropolis ‘s occupants. In one scene we can see a mark that reads “ Danger Congested Area ” , whereby a truck is so heard hitting a prosaic on the crowded street. This is a great illustration of hapless spacial planning which is required in order to forestall wellness jeopardies from going a regular happening. Within the same scene, the movie shows a police officer illuming a coffin nail as the accident unfolds. I presume his ignorance of the state of affairs implies that these types of accidents occur frequently plenty to go unmanageable by jurisprudence. This can go farther understood by the unsupervised kids, who are seen playing amongst the engorged traffic and being exposed to the metropolis ‘s pollution. In Figure 3 ( Steiner, 1939 ) we can see that two kids are running to the street to sit on the dorsum of a traveling public streetcar. The high gait metropolis appears to go through by unaware of the danger exposed to these kids ‘s wellness since another scene likewise besides shows a kid ( unnoticed ) playing in the guttery Waterss of the street ( Steiner, 1939 ) . At this clip there was no planning that accommodated uncongested, healthy, playful environments for kids of the city, ensuing in unaccounted kids going intertwined in the urban pollution. In Figure 4 ( Steiner, 1939 ) we can see the extent of the engorged traffic that fills the streets. Planing in this clip lacked the power to prosecute a new attack to metropolis regeneration in order to turn to the issue of congestion ( Gillette, 2001 ) . Transportation system progresss in trains, trams and the car became widespread which critically impacted the overall congestion and pollution of the city ( Frumkin, 2002, p.201 ) . The overall congestion of the metropolis is proof that a passage to a new suburb, which organizes itself, is important in order to get the better of the mistakes of the city.

The concluding urban motion of the movie presents the ideal urban environment, the garden metropolis. From these shootings, the movie shows the benefits of planning and reconstructing modern urban life back to the healthy environment and a sense of community that one time had been present in the yesteryear ( Gillette, 1977 ) . The developments in scientific discipline and engineering helped do the garden metropolis a new manner of conveying the metropolis back into the state, surrounded by the natural environment and planned consequently, leting no farther growing beyond a size made tantrum for life ( Steiner, 1939 ) . Cleaner technologies maintain the natural kernel of the state side, electricity gives places and workers the available power to run off from the city and the dense populating conditions of the industrial suburbs. Families can fly the congestion of the urban life to a “ suburban ideal ” that offers a peaceable safety profiting both the mental and physical wellness of its occupants ( Frumkin, 2002, p.207 ) . In Figure 5 ( Steiner, 1939 ) we see the alteration from the yesteryear, where kids can now play in healthy and safe conditions near to place where they can be supervised and accounted for. In Figure 6 ( Steiner, 1939 ) the movie shows the sum of uncongested greenspace infinite and the safe vicinity of a planned garden suburb. The new suburb offers a regeneration of the urban environment, conveying the attending back to kids by avoiding the unhealthy and unsafe life style of old urban signifiers. Planing in the garden metropolis provides kids with public infinites that encourage activity in a healthy environment, without the concern of new growing and development. The garden metropolis puts focal point on the well-being kids and their hereafter by supplying what was absent in the yesteryear, both a safe environment and instruction.A Healthier Environment Cultural Studies Essay.

Urban planning is an built-in portion of a metropolis ‘s well-being and for the spectator of 1939, the garden metropolis gives the best vision of an idealistic planning theoretical account. The earlier century saw metropoliss of fume and danger with kids put on the lining their lives without important control. Density and congestion should be cardinal factors considered for the contrivers forming a metropolis, since the unaccounted growing of old metropoliss saw unliveable conditions that pushed the envelope of public wellness criterions. The garden metropolis revives the harmoniousness of preindustrial epoch giving the indispensable enlargement of metropoliss into rural countries in order to avoid the mistakes of unplanned urbanisation.A Healthier Environment Cultural Studies Essay.