A Daring Paradigm Essay Paper

A Daring Paradigm Essay Paper

According to Chapman (2005), a healing hospital should include a number of prerequisite concepts. That is, hospital management should be deeply committed to having their staff trained on how to provide those who visit their health care institutions with loving care. Moreover, the health care institutions must be designed and structured in such a way that they are capable of providing patients with “radical loving care” (Chapman, 2005). A Daring Paradigm Essay Paper

Although hospital staff has received appropriate training, they still need to learn how to communicate with their patients effectively. There is a need to get to know patients’ needs through respectful inquiries and conversations alongside with using standard methods of diagnostics highlighted by formal instructions. This does not mean that the professionals should put aside diagnosing instructions and procedures. On the contrary, they should communicate more with their patients using both old and new approaches in order to understand what their patients’ needs and conditions are at the moment. This helps in ensuring that the patient receives all the necessary attention and treatments and it also provides medical professionals with higher possibilities of avoiding wrong diagnosis. This process enables hospital personnel to apply what they have learnt in order to provide patients with the best care possible. All that is needed to make the concept of a healing hospital complete is friendly structures and a system that has less bureaucratic processes.

All these requirements seem to point to the necessity of the health care professionals having meaningful and caring interactions with their patients. This would enable doctors and nurses to cater for the patients’ needs in the best way because communication is vital in the process of health care delivery. Chapman (2005), therefore, argues in support of the healthcare system changing its perspective of health care provision from the top to bottom. This, he asserts, is what would lead to a transition from the traditional health care provision to healing hospitals. This implies that healing hospitals should have a holistic approach to health care provision. This should not only focus on fixing the ailing bodily systems, but also accommodate the spiritual as well as physical, environmental, and emotional needs of the patients. Therefore, a healing hospital should prioritize the importance of its patients’ wellbeing in general. This stems from the fact that the human being is not only the physical body; every individual also has a soul. For a complete recovery from any illnesses, patients require a proper balance between medical and spiritual care (Glenda, 2010). It is, therefore, essential for health care providers to strike a healthy balance when it comes to caring for their patients.


In addition, the health care institutions should be structured in such a way that they provide the patients as well as their families and friends with free from stress factors environment. This can be done through designing hospital structures that bring services closer to their patients and through embracing the technological advancements that are available today. Such structures should stipulate the nursing stations located closer to patients and rooms built to accommodate fewer patients. Indeed, in the new healing paradigm, the wards are supposed to be designed to accommodate individual patients and provide visitors with adequate space. This, in turn, contributes to the overall efficiency in the delivery of the necessary services needed to boost the healing process (Clarke, 2011). A Daring Paradigm Essay Paper

However, to achieve such balanced health care services, it is required to allocate adequate resources in order to meet set obligations. These resources have to be directed in the construction of the required structures and in hiring adequate and qualified personnel to provide the first class services. This requires additional investments as opposed to the costs involved in providing the traditional medical attention. Healing hospitals are, therefore, considered more costly to construct and maintain. Consequently, the cost of medical attention in healing hospitals rises significantly and these additional costs are passed on to patients’ bills. In addition, not all members of society can afford such costly health care services because the financial capabilities of different social strata vary greatly. Thus, these services may be accessible only to the rich and privileged. It can be argued that the healing hospitals are expensive to put up and maintain and in the end they benefit only the chosen few who can afford it. This further broadens the gap between the rich and the poor in the society creating more obstacles to the poor.

Creating a favorable environment for the healing process can thus be complicated by costs implications as well as other factors such as social, economical, psychological, physical, and spiritual aspects. According to the Bible, one can be healed by the faith; and indeed, most of the miracles that Jesus performed were concentrated in his healing powers. He also advised his followers to pray for the sick. A Daring Paradigm Essay Paper