A Cure For All Cancer Sample Essay

A Cure For All Cancer Sample Essay

The book ‘A Cure for All Cancers’ by Clarke H and Hulda Regeher Clark is a health and fitness type of book. This is a book that presents topics on Health and fitness in relation to herbal medication, naturopathy as well as oncology. This means that the topics covered include health and fitness in relation to other methodology that is used to curb cancer. The book shows how what you eat affects you and also how you can avoid cancer through natural means and herbal ones.A Cure For All Cancer Sample Essay

The book is based on recent research that has shown that all cancers are caused by a single factor. The book shows and explains this factor at length and also shows over 100 case histories of people that have been cured in line with the specifications of the book. The book contains a lot on healthy eating, sources of cancers, how to avoid cancer, ways of life that lead to cancer, and also highlights cases of people that have had cancer and got healed. The book comes in handy to people living without care or are being ignorant of the simple things that they do not take into consideration. These things are what could be putting them at risk of cancer.

The authors of the book, Clarke and Hulda, say that cancer is a manageable disease since it is parasite caused. They also advice that there are basic signs which when one notices they should immediately see the doctor. They also advice on having the book since it has detailed information on the signs, what to eat and the best way possible to avoid the disease. The book also shows the reader the resources that are readily available and that one can use to avoid the disease. A Cure For All Cancer Sample Essay. The author puts more emphasis on the cure part of the disease and the best possible diet that one can follow. The main reason for writing the book is to show the reader ways in which an individual can use the available resources to ensure that they do not get cancer. It also shows the best way to manage one’s life in order to ensure that an individual will not put themselves at risk of getting the disease. The authors of the book also show the composition of things in use daily and how they draw the cancer parasite and to where they affect mostly, for example Nickel which draws cancer to the prostrate while barium, found in lipsticks draws it to the breasts. A Cure For All Cancer Sample Essay


It also shows toxins found in the organs and that can be a threat to people who have had the cancer and are going through treatment. They include Freon, a refrigerant which is concentrated in the cancerous organ and which will in turn lead to build up of other toxins. Copper is also a dangerous toxin, produced by water pipes. Mercury formaldehyde found in new beddings and foam bedding is also known to cause cancer. The book also shows ways in which cancer in one body part can spread to others. This can be through breast milk, blood, saliva or semen. They also explain the healing process so that the person does not put himself at risk of falling back to sickness. Therefore, there is a need to eradicate parasites, bacterial and viral invaders, and also for the removal of toxins that invite make them invade human organs. The authors also speak on how to get rid of toxins which may lead to the re-growth of the cancer parasite. A Cure For All Cancer Sample Essay

The authors of the book advice against taking in food stuff and drinks that are propyl alcohol contaminated since it is a factor required for the growth and development of cancer. This means that with the absence of propyl alcohol, the human intestinal fluke parasite which is the cancer causing parasite will not develop hence cancer is avoided. I found it interesting that things such as shampoo, bottled water, hair spray, white sugar, cold cereals, and mouthwash among others can actually lead to the growth of cancer. The authors of the book also advice on using self made goods, eat natural foods, and the least number of tested supplements.
The most interesting thing that I learnt is that the fact that when the cancer causing parasite is killed when one already has cancer, it does not necessarily mean that the cancer has been stopped. There will still be a need to treat the organs that were infected. This means that the sick person must give their organs time and the required nutrients so that they heal gradually. And this way good health is achieved at the end of the day. Negligence of this may however lead to fatal consequences since that means the disease is still in the system of the individual. I find this interesting since I never thought that cancer was treatable especially in its adult stages. I also find it interesting that dietary and exercise in combination with natural medication can help in the reduction of the disease.
The book is effective especially if followed to the letter since it has amazing advice that if one is keen to follow, they will have great outcome in terms of avoiding the disease, its control as well as management of the disease so that it does not stop one from performing the day to day tasks that they are supposed to. The book is effective since it also shows how to care for people with cancer. It is also effective since it gives details on how to handle the disease and avoid spreading it. It also helps in showing an individual what foods carry the solvent that helps in the growth of the cancer causing parasite. It also explains the extent to which the parasites can handle heat and hence the degrees at which food should be cooked and stored. A Cure For All Cancer Sample Essay

In conclusion, the book is very effective and should be used in educating people in both the medical profession as well as other individuals on dangers of cancer, how to avoid it, how to maintain, and how to manage it and also the best treatments available that are natural or herbal. Therefore the book is very effective and can be recommended for schools and individuals too. The book is also effective in that one does not have to be a medical profession to understand the instructions in it.


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