A Course Reflection on Pharmacology Essay.

A Course Reflection on Pharmacology Essay.


A Course Reflection on Pharmacology

The course on pharmacology has been a great eye-opener in terms of making me a better nurse professional who is capable of offering patient care that is safe, efficient, effective, patient-centered, timely, and equitable. Such kind of care is quality care. It ensures that patient safety is protected and good patient outcomes are realized. The most important aspect is that after this course I have become a safe nurse who can now practice without endangering the lives of patients through injudicious use of medications. This paper is a reflection of the course based on course competencies. To reflect on the course, I have chosen the following two competencies:A Course Reflection on Pharmacology Essay.


  1. Identification of professional, legal, and ethical considerations as relating to pharmacology
  2. Identification of pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic principles relating to patient response

Professional, Legal, and Ethical Considerations

This particular competency affected me in that I was able to learn how to maintain professionalism in drug treatment and administration, how to act in conformity to state and federal laws and regulations governing drugs and medications, and above all how to maintain ethical prescribing and drug administration. For instance, I learnt that a patient should only receive the medications that are prescribed for them. This is both professional and legal, since doing the contrary is a violation of the nursing code of conduct and standard of practice, as well as a violation of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) regulations. I also learnt that it is vital to promptly report any adverse drug reactions or errors in drug administration so that harm is not caused to the patient. Amongst others, this ensures that the bioethical principle of nonmaleficence or primum non nocere is observed. This is the ethical principle that obliges nurses and other healthcare professionals to avoid causing harm to their patients. The totality of these lessons that I have learnt have positively affected me by making me a better and safer nurse.A Course Reflection on Pharmacology Essay.

There are many ways in which I can apply the above competency in my clinical practice. To begin with, I will ensure that any drug refills for patients are supported by a current and valid prescription. This will ensure conformity to DEA rules. I will also ensure that I only administer medications to patients when sure of their mode of action, potential side effects, and possible drug interactions. This will keep my patients safe and prevent careless (malpractice) or inadvertent harm to them.A Course Reflection on Pharmacology Essay.

Pharmacokinetic (PK) and Pharmacodynamic (PD) Principles

This competency affected me immensely by making me knowledgeable about how drugs produce their effects in the body (pharmacodynamics), and how the body processes drugs (pharmacokinetics). I learnt that different drugs produce their effects through different mechanisms, such as blocking receptors of natural biochemical messengers (Katzung, 2018). I also learnt that after oral administration the body the body must absorb the drug, distribute it to all tissues (or concentrate it in particular ones), metabolize it, and finally excrete the metabolites through a variety of means including urine and stool (Katzung, 2018). Particularly, I have been affected in that I now know that factors such as age, gender, and body mass affect the PK and PD processes of drugs in the body (Jacobson, 2013).A Course Reflection on Pharmacology Essay.

I will be able to apply this competency in my practice by judiciously administering medications to my patients. This means that I will be able to ask the physician or APRN questions when I find that a prescription presents a risk to my patient (such as giving atorvastatin or Lipitor to a patient who is on a diet of grape fruit juice, which would predispose them to severe adverse effects such as rhabdomyolysis and myoglobinuria). Last but not least, I will be able to effect adjustment in doses to patients that I feel need lower doses of particular medications because of age or renal insufficiency.    A Course Reflection on Pharmacology Essay.

Purpose of Assignment

This is an important exercise that gives you the valuable opportunity to look back and reflect on what you have learned in this course. Following this general review, you may then appreciate the impact of your new-found knowledge on your professionalism and your future as a practical nurse.A Course Reflection on Pharmacology Essay.

Course Competencies

  • Employ safe practices when preparing and administering medications.
  • Identify professional, legal, and ethical considerations that must be considered as they relate to pharmacology.
  • Identify principles involved in pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics and how they affect client response.
  • Compare the major classifications of drugs, including mechanism of action, recommended doses, and routes of administration, possible side effects, and nursing considerations.
  • Utilize available resources to reinforce client teaching related to medications.
  • Employ the use of effective professional communication to promote client safety.

Instructions for Completing the Reflection

In your reflection focus on at least 2 of the course competencies above and share how the competency affected you and how you can specifically apply the competency in your practical nursing vocation. Your paper should be about 2 pages.A Course Reflection on Pharmacology Essay.