6003 Week 1 Discussion Responses

6003 Week 1 Discussion Responses

6003 Week 1 Discussion: Response to Taylor B

Congratulations for your practice as a registered nurse for the last three years. It is encouraging to get to know that you are also passionate about advancing your career in nursing as a specialist. Being a renal nurse is especially significant because this kind of nurse will be well suited to excel in the specialty and role of certified nurse practitioner or CNP (Registered Nursing, 2019). Your choice of family nurse practitioner (FNP) is therefore well thought out as being a nephrology nurse gives you the invaluable experience of managing all the body systems. This is because renal failure affects just about every organ system in the body. But more importantly, your choice of Walden University to pursue this dream could not have been better. 6003 Week 1 Discussion Responses.

As you well put it, the mission statement, vision statement, and the goals of Walden University align perfectly well with the busy working student who also needs to pursue their dream of becoming an advanced practice registered nurse or APRN (Walden University, 2020). The overriding advantage that the university has as you have accurately observed is the flexibility for the mature learners. This is crucial to the students’ success in the course since these are nurses who are not only employed but also have family obligations. I agree with you that the university has strong resources and programs that are geared towards producing specialist graduates with great leadership capabilities to work in a multicultural setting. Indeed, the university’s philosophy also empowers its graduates to be advocates of positive social change and to undertake lifelong professional development for the benefit of their patients. To facilitate all these, it would be important to embrace additional networking strategies. One particularly important one would be to join one of the APRN professional nursing organizations as a student member. An example is the American Association of Nurse Practitioners or AANP.


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6003 Week 1 Discussion: Response to Celestina O.

First of all congratulations for your nursing practice of over 25 years! With this number of years in the profession, saying that you have enough experience is an understatement. It is not a mean feat to have excelled in the nursing profession in the United States, considering the challenges that immigrants and minorities go through to achieve educational and occupational success. Your choice to be an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) of the role of certified nurse practitioner (CNP) is commendable (Registered Nursing, 2019). 6003 Week 1 Discussion Responses. But what is even more commendable is your choice to be a psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP) who will assess, diagnose, and treat mental health problems across the lifespan (Nurse Practitioner Schools, 2019). I say this because among marginalised populations in the US such as African Americans and Hispanics, there are insufficient numbers of mental health practitioners who are needed to provide primary mental health care. Being from Africa and a minority yourself, my assumption is that your motivation for choosing this specialty was because you want to give back to these minority communities with whom you can identify.


            I can attest to the fact that you made the right choice by selecting Walden University as your institution of choice to pursue your postgraduate specialist training. This is because the university’s philosophy, mission, vision, goals and values all align with the goals of students like you and me who would like to make a positive change in our communities. Indeed, nurses are the change agents who can influence the trajectory of healthcare for the future. I also agree that nurses are the single largest group of healthcare professionals in any jurisdiction. This makes the collective voice of nurses as patient advocates very powerful. To boost your chances of success and to support your goals and those of Walden University, it is important to get additional support and networking strategies. I therefore suggest that you start by joining the American Psychiatric Nurses Association (APNA) if not yet a member (DeCapua, 2017).


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Taylor B.

RE: Discussion – Week 1 Main Question Post

Top of Form

 Networking Opportunities

            I have been a nurse for three years. I earned my BSN in 2017 and have always wanted to advance my career to be an FNP. I have experience in the ER and as a school nurse. I am now working in dialysis where I am the charge nurse. I enjoy providing care to all of my patients and I look forward to studying at Walden to become a FNP. 6003 Week 1 Discussion Responses.

            Practicing nursing for three years has made me interested in advancing my career. Working with other professionals who have obtained their master’s degree and who now work as a Nurse Practitioner, has made me realize that I too would enjoy having this role in healthcare. My goal is to work as a full-time FNP while providing the best possible care to my patients. I realized in order to obtain this role, I had to begin a FNP program that could provide me with the education that I need.

After discovering the FNP program at Walden University, I decided that it would provide me with the education that I need to be successful. Also, the online classes allow flexibility for me as I continue to work as a full-time RN. According to the Walden University College of Nursing (2020a), the program “implements specialist nursing roles to promote quality improvement of patient-centered care.” This is very important in any nursing role. I feel that Walden will assist me to achieve strong leadership qualities in or to excel as a FNP. Walden University states that it is their goal to “produce graduates who are scholarly, reflective practitioners and agents of positive social change (2020c).” Social change is a professional goal of mine. The positive aspect of it will allow me to apply my knowledge to improve patient and social outcomes in the medical field.

Overall, I plan to “demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning (2020b)” after finishing the program. It is important in my role to be open to learning new tasks every day. With social change in effect, this will allow me to implement ideas and actions to strive to be a professional role model to my peers and patients to meet my professional and academic goals. 6003 Week 1 Discussion Responses.


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My name is xxxx. I am from Nigeria, West Africa. I am a practicing registered nurse for over 25yrs, I have worked in different areas such as med surge, home health, and oncology. The most exciting to me is psychiatric nursing. That is why I went into the field of nursing as psychiatric mental health and furthering my education as a nurse practitioner. I chose to further my education to develop networks for academic and professional success. I like to be a psychiatric nurse because of job satisfaction as well as making a difference in society. 6003 Week 1 Discussion Responses.


Walden Vision

Social change is a concept many of us take for granted or do not even understand. Walden’s school of nursing’s perspective on social change message relates to my professional and academic goals and becoming a scholar-practitioner. In that, I believe that as a nurse, it is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle, so I can set a good example to my patients and care for them to the best of my physical and mental ability. My goal in Walden University is to obtain a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) with a specialty in mental health. This achievement will enable me to function independently as a nurse to perform age-appropriate care, interpret diagnostic studies, and prescribe appropriate treatment modalities that suit patients’ needs.  Being a change agent is a significant function for nurses. Nurses are on the floor seeing the effects of medicine, and the health care system is having on patients (Goodman, 2015).  Hence, they are more aware and know that some things are getting better for the patient, and other things are not. Therefore, nurses need to be vocal about the changes that are working and those that are not, also about what still needs to change (Kenner, 2017).


Social Change and Goals

Nurses comprise the largest sector of the health care workforce in the United States and most other countries (Kenner, 2017). There are more than 3 million nurses in the United States. Nurses play a critical role in shaping the health care system of the future. One of my future goals is working with pregnant women that have mental related issues. When a woman receives quality prenatal care, her chances of a healthy baby increases, this is an obvious and direct benefit of access to care.6003 Week 1 Discussion Responses.  However, there is also a subtler value-added phenomenon to the delivery of prenatal care. This care and our ability to make it easy to access, and customer-friendly serves to introduce that mother and baby into the health care system (Goodman, 2017). The child will be more likely to get preventive care in the form of vaccines and physical exams. The mother will be more likely to bring her family in for preventative services, therefore, improving the public health by keeping her family aware of health risks and spreading her new knowledge to her friends and extend. Providing excellent care to the women can have wide-ranging beneficial effects on many more people than the one woman served. Thus, psychiatric nurses work across the medical and psychological disciplines to therapeutically engage with patients. They bring various skills to the table, tapping the disparate realms of behavioral intervention strategies, nervous system knowledge, psychotherapeutic understanding, and an ability to assess the physical condition of the body. 6003 Week 1 Discussion Responses.



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