32246 Zip Code Community Assessment Essay.

32246 Zip Code Community Assessment Essay.


Following APA format, use the subheadings listed below and include an Introduction as well as a Conclusion.32246 Zip Code Community Assessment Essay.

* Summary of Findings: Summarize items listed in Checklist for a Community Assessment. By using various resources, (eg. census, FL.gov. crime rate) as well as: http://www.coj.net/categories/ or http://jaxusa.org/region/duval-county/ or http://duval.floridahealth.gov/programs-and-services/environmental-health/index.html (Links to an external site.), please describe the Community.


Include the following as subheadings under Summary of Findings section: There should be a paragraph pertaining to your zip code for each section. See below subheadings and examples.

Population (number, age ranges/median age, gender distribution, etc.)
Socioeconomic status (average/median income, employment/unemployment rate, housing values/costs, poverty levels, etc.)32246 Zip Code Community Assessment Essay.
Ethnicity (distribution of ethnic groups)
Educational resources (education completed by population, number/types of schools, grading of schools, etc.)
Access to primary care (summary of number of physician offices, other healthcare facilities, hospitals, etc.)
Police and fire stations (number in zip or where nearest are located, etc.)
May address other areas of importance (crime types and rates, types of common rescue or police calls, historic information, something outstanding, etc.)32246 Zip Code Community Assessment Essay.
Next headings:

*Community Strengths: Summarize positive areas of the community.

*Community Needs: Summarize areas of weaknesses

* Problem, Issue, or Topic: Identify a problem/issue/topic that, as a nurse, you can address in this community related to health or safety

This should be written using APA format with at least 5 current references.

32246 zip code is an area in Jacksonville Metro area, Duval County in Florida State. It covers an area of 19 square miles. The neighborhoods adjacent to the area include Park Ridge, Killarney Shores, Holiday Hill, Golden Glades-The Woods, Girvin, East Arlington, Brackridge, Beachwood, Beach Haven, and Atlantic Boulevard Estates(Zipdatamaps, 2020).32246 Zip Code Community Assessment Essay.

The area’s population is 48,789 as reported by US census figures from 2010. Caucasians comprise the racial majority in the area at 57.46% (28,776). 16.9% (8,441) of the population is of African American ethnicity, 8.5% (4,280) of the population is of Asian ethnicity, 14% (7,018) of the population is of Hispanic ethnicity, 2.4% (1,193) of the population is of Mixed Race, 0.5% (230) of the population is of Native American ethnicity, and 0.2% (110) is of other ethnicities. A gender profile of the population reveals that 49.5% of the population is male while 50.5% of the population is female. There are 18,818 households in the area(Zipdatamaps, 2020).32246 Zip Code Community Assessment Essay.

An ethnic profile of public schools’ utilization in the area reveals that Caucasians have a racial majority at 42.5% of all students. African Americans are reported at 28.1%, Hispanic ethnicity at 16%, Asian ethnicity at 7.8%, Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders at 0.2%, American Indian and Alaskan Natives at 0.2%, and other ethnicities at 5.2%. There are four elementary schools, two middle schools and three high schools located in the area(Zipdatamaps, 2020). 91% of the population has High School education or higher while 31% has a Bachelor’s Degree or higher. The school dropout rate is 9% (TownCharts, 2020).32246 Zip Code Community Assessment Essay.

An economic profile of the area reveals that unemployment rate in the area is at 11.3%. The median household income for the area is $52,812 with the average adjusted gross income being reported as $49,100. 46.8% of the households earn less than $50,000 per year, 38.7% of the households earn between $50,000 and $100,000 per year, while 14.5% of the households earn more than $100,000 per year. The average real estate asking price for the area is $139,997 while the average real estate sale price is $113,525 (Zipdatamaps, 2020).

A review of the health data for 32246 Zip Code area reveals that in 2018, 87% of the population has health insurance. This was a positive change in 1.9% from the previous year. 69% of the population has health insurance, 26% have public health insurance, while 13% do not have insurance. 61% of the population uses employer-based health insurance, 13% use direct-purchase health insurance, 3% use Medicare, and 8% use Public Coverage or Medicaid. A review of the insurance coverage figures based on gender reveals that 85% of Men have health insurance coverage and 88% of Women have health insurance coverage. A review of the percentage of persons without health insurance reveals that 23% of them earn less than $25,000 per year, 17% of them earn between $25,000 and $50,000 per year, 16% earn between $50,000 and $75,000 per year, 9% earn between $75,000 and $100,000 per year, and 4% earn more than $100,000 per year (TownCharts, 2020).32246 Zip Code Community Assessment Essay.

A review of health insurance coverage based on ethnicity reveals that 64% of those with coverage are Caucasian, 7% are African American, 24% are Hispanic, and 6% are Asian. 9.8% of children are without health insurance coverage. The area is served by seven acute care hospitals that include: Uf Health Jacksonville; St. Vincents Medical Center Southside; Baptist Medical Center Beaches; Baptist Medical Center; Memorial Hospital Jacksonville; Mayo Clinic; and St. Vincents Medical Center (TownCharts, 2020).32246 Zip Code Community Assessment Essay.

Community strengths and weaknesses

The community strengths identified for the area are the Urban location in a city area, high income levels, high education attainments, and large numbers of medical facilities spread around the area. A significant weakness is that 13.3% of the population does not have insurance coverage. This is a weakness since it has implications for health care access with 13.3% of the area’s population assumed to lack health care access.32246 Zip Code Community Assessment Essay.


13.3% of the area’s population is without health insurance coverage. Health insurance coverage helps the population to access the health care system. Those without coverage have difficulty in getting the health care they need, and even if they get health care they need, they would still be burdened by large health care bills. 32246 Zip Code Community Assessment Essay.They are unlikely to access quality comprehensive health care, thus hindering efforts to promote and maintain health, prevent and manage diseases, reduce premature death and unnecessary disability, and achieve health equity.Nurses can intervene to improve health care access for uninsured persons through nurse-led health care services that has nurses practicing to the full extent of their education levels even as they become full partners with physicians and other health professionals. This would significantly reduce the cost of health care (as nurses demand lower remunerations than physicians) without necessarily compromising the care quality (Zaccagnini& White, 2017). Highly skilled nurse-managed teams that are supported by nurse-led rapid response teams, nurse-friendly financial teams and nurse-led utilization review teams can be used to target the populations without health care insurance with a focus on reducing their financial burden (Raingruber, 2017).32246 Zip Code Community Assessment Essay.